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I know how great of a basketball player Harden is

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СообщениеДобавлено: Чт Мар 18, 2021 10:08    Заголовок сообщения: I know how great of a basketball player Harden is Ответить с цитатой

He's just getting started in the years of his profession and with him putting up numbers like he's been, he's just going to get better, just like his NBA 2K21 score. In NBA 2K21(NBA 2K MT), Giannis was rated a 97 overall along with Lebron James. With Lebron being the highest-rated overall player the past few years, it is only a matter of time until someone passes his rating up. However, a player hasn't yet been rated a 98 overall since Lebron James in NBA 2K15. With that being said I know Giannis will be a power to be reckoned with down the line, but I don't think his rating will be higher than Lebron James'. At least not in this particular game.

Even the New Orleans Pelicans are likely sick that they don't have Anthony Davis anymore. The Los Angeles Lakers have an excellent team and this year they included Davis, making them even more of a threat to win the NBA Championship. Davis and james are a dynamic duo and every team realizes that when they have to play the Lakers. There are games and then there are games in which Anthony Davis is the best player on the Lakers. Anthony Davis, at the Lakers' first game back against the Los Angeles Clippers, was able to muster up 34 points. That night Anthony Davis was better, but both of them contributed to the team in a huge way and so why they picked up the victory over the restarted opening night.

Lebron James has had the better one. However, at this current time of their careers, I would have to give the advantage to Anthony Davis. He is younger and more nimble and can still produce up to if not more than Lebron James over the span of their matches. In NBA 2K21, Anthony Davis needed a 96 overall rating and wasn't even in the top five for overall evaluations. In reality, he had been only the 7th-best overall in NBA 2K21. I think that changes when NBA 2K21 rolls about. Anthony Davis deserves to be a 97 overall and I think what he has shown about the Los Angeles Lakers this season with his athletic and offensive talent enables him to at least boost his rating up by 1 from NBA 2K21.

Personally I think that Kevin Durant is among the best players in the league if he's healthy. Regrettably, Durant has not been healthy for quite a little time. Since that injury, Kevin Durant was traded from the Golden State Warriors into the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for D'Angelo Russell, Shabazz Napier and Treveon Graham.

However, Durant is someone who I would really like to have on my group. His shooting precision is impeccable and his on-court consciousness is sensational. Durant's NBA 2K21 rating was a 96 overall and it is a shame that Durant has missed this entire NBA season. If Durant could have remained healthy enough to play he would have done enormous damage for the Brooklyn Nets, and that would have had a major effect on his NBA 2K21 rating come September. At this point in time, I can't see Kevin Durant moving to a 97 overall if just for the fact that he has not played in over a year. I would not be surprised to see him dive to a 95 overall, but for the sake of how great of a player he's I will keep him staying in a 96 overall. I am sure 2K Sports is going to agree as well.

Making his way to the fifth place on the record is James Harden. I know how great of a basketball player Harden is. From the Houston Rockets first match back from the NBA regular season pause, Harden mustered up 49 points in a 153-149 overtime win over the Dallas Mavericks. His capacity to put up big numbers is remarkable, but he is going to want help from his fellow teammates whenever they want to make a run to the NBA Finals. James Harden led the Rockets into a juicy win over the Milwaukee Bucks on August 2nd to help squeeze their way into 4th place in the Western Conference.

James Harden has proved that how great of a player he is in the Rockets wins from high quality teams. However when it comes to the NBA 2K video games, I only think he had a marginally high rating in last years game. In NBA 2K21 James Harden has been rated a 97. In my eyes, I believe that is just too large for the type of NBA2king player he is. In NBA 2K21 I would rather see Harden as a 96 overall and provide him the chance to progress up to maybe a 97 overall using the dwell in-game upgrades which exist during the course of this year.
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